Stuff Lucca says about tech - March 2k22

Mar 31, 2022 •

Hey folks, here's what made the day month in Lucca’s tech watch this March.



  • Angular Roadmap was updated with some exciting features : typed forms, optional NgModules, optional ZoneJS, dynamic addition of directive on host element and next-gen bundler investigation.
  • A Proposal For Type Syntax in JavaScript: running a TS code in Chrome without having to strip types could be a reality!
  • Angular + Vite experimentation: an interesting video that show how to compile an Angular application using nex-gen bundler Vite by Brandon Roberts (NgRx maintainer and Angular GDE)


  • Benchmark Playwright/Selenium/Puppeteer: an interesting article comparing 3 different framework in order to do some QA tests, according to the framework using inside Lucca Playwright we can relate all those results


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