Stuff Lucca says about tech - November 2k21

Nov 30, 2021 • Mathieu Jolivet

Hey folks, here's what made the day month in Lucca’s tech watch this November.


  • API Tokens: A tedious survey : an overview of different authentication tokens (jwt & co)
  • DDD in a nutshell : a video about the main principles of DDD and why DDD is important in business applications (Vladimir Khorikov)
  • New QUERY HTTP verb specification : think of it as a GET with a body
  • You probably know SOLID principles. SOLID focuses on internal software architecture. Here is IDEALS. Microservice oriented, with a focus on external software architecture.
    • Interface segregation,
    • Deployability (is on you),
    • Event-driven,
    • Availability over consistency,
    • Loose-coupling,
    • and Single responsibility.

C# 10 / .NET 6 / EF Core 6

Front & Angular

Dotnet ecosystem

Cloud and containers



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