Stuff Lucca says about tech - October 2k21

Oct 31, 2021 • Guillaume Mouron

Hey folks, here's what made the day month in Lucca's tech watch this October.

C# 10 / .NET 6 / EF Core 6

Front & Angular

  • A proposal to allow the creation of components, pipes and directives without a module in Angular
  • A tool to run benchmarks in web browsers
  • A tool to help select npm package dependency versions


  • October has seen the outage of all facebook services, their post-mortem is quite disappointing with very few concrete details
  • Ably has posted an interesting technical article explaining why they don't use Kubernetes although they run Docker containers. In short, they don't need the whole orchestration layers and rely on the fact that the EC2 containers know in which autoscaling groups they are running in to run the correct set of containers.
  • Civo has launched its kubernetes platform run by k3s.
  • Telepresence is a tool to run a service locally while the rest sits in the cloud.

Dotnet ecosystem

On the "political" side of things, October was a rough month for the .net ecosystem.


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