Stuff Lucca says about tech - August 2k21

Aug 31, 2021 • Raphaël Ducom

Hey folks, here's what made the day in Lucca's tech watch this month.



  • Abstractions vs clean code : the developer journey (Flavio Copes)
  • CPU aren't reliable : (David Rosenthal)
    • In other words it is technically and economically infeasible to implement tests for both storage systems and CPUs that assure errors will not occur in at-scale use. Even if hardware vendors can be persuaded to devote more resources to reliability, that will not remove the need for software to be appropriately skeptical of the data that cores are returning as the result of computation, just as the software needs to be skeptical of the data returned by storage devices and network interfaces.

  • A great overview of inter-service communication trade-offs, performance / scalability / consistency. (Steve "ardalis" Smith)


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